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Blue River Recycling is going to build a modern recycling facility for mixed packaging and commercial waste in Duisburg

 The second plant of Blue River Recycling is starting in the Parallelhafen, Port of Duisburg on a former industrial site - directly at the Rhine kilometer 777. The port of Duisburg is the largest inland port in the world and offers ideal trimodal logistics connections with its own port handling, rail connection, and next to a container terminal.

The modern recycling plant for mixed packaging waste and commercial waste will be built on an area of around 20,000 square meters. Recyclable materials will be extracted from the waste and made available for subsequent recycling processes. Suitable waste will be pelletized to serve various local industrial subsectors, such as raw material for the chemical recycling of plastics, as an alternative fuel for the cement and lime industry, as well as reducing agents for steel manufacturing. 

A total of around €25 million is being invested in the plant technology and a modern energy supply concept with photovoltaics, wood gasification technology, and connection to the Rhine-Ruhr hydrogen network.

The plant will accommodate a total capacity of around 150,000 tonnes of waste, which will be collected in the region, and after processing, the pelletized alternative fuels (AF) will be made available to the local industry. In this way, valuable natural resources are conserved. The start of operation is expected in 2024.
Blue River Rhein GmbH i.G.
Rhine kilometre 777
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